UTaNRMP 3rd Call For Civil Works Proposals-July 2017

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This advert is for UTaNRMP's 3rd call for proposals for community projects' civil works. It appeared in the MyGov Issue No. 0025 of Tuesday July 4 2017.

Community groups requesting for assistance from the Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project (UTaNRMP) under the water resources management sub-component should include:-

a) Community water development. These activities are:-

i. Development/rehabilitation of rainwater harvesting and storage including water pans and dams;

ii. Roof water harvesting demonstration for public institutions (e.g schools, hospitals, dispensaries, health centres, youth polytechnics);

iii. Rehabilitation/development of boreholes, shallow wells and springs,

iv. Rehabilitation of (common) intakes /devises and community domestic water supply systems

b) Water - Saving Irrigation technologies

These activities include:-

i. Upgrading of water conveyance systems and improvement of Water application systems in order to improve efficiencies.

c) Remedial works at hot spots

The activities include rehabilitation of road embankments; borrow pits, quarries, and denuded hilltops, and eroded riverbanks, wetlands, springs.



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