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    The UTaNRMP SEA report is a report on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project (UTaNRMP) undertaken between February and May 2012. The objectives of the SEA included; to identify environmental impacts and opportunities of mitigation measures into programme design during the formulation stage of programmes, and in the process influence IFAD and donor support to UTaNRMP development efforts towards environmental sustainability and climate smart development; ensure the full consideration of alternative programme/project options including the do nothing option, at an early stage when there is still greater flexibility; ensure the cumulative, indirect or secondary impacts of diverse multiple activities are considered, including their unintended consequences;  ensure environmental principles such as sustainability, polluter pays and the precautionary principle are integrated into the development, appraisal, and selection of programme  options; and provide an early opportunity to check whether or not the proposed programme is compatible with existing related policies, legislation, plans and programs.

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    The Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project (UTaNRMP) carried out a baseline survey in the project area in order to establish the conditions at the start of project implementation. The Baseline information will be important in monitoring and evaluation as it will help to set key benchmarks for use in measuring the project's outputs, outcomes and impacts. The objectives of the baseline survey were to: i. Generate baseline information/data to assist in assessing the project area's situation at the beginning of the project ii. Set bench marks/indicators to inform the M&E function of the project and form a platform for assessing the impact of the project and other project surveys. iii. Provide comprehensive information for planning and decision-making besides providing benchmarks against which programme interventions will be assessed and will be a reference point when organizing other surveys. The survey took 12 weeks from March - May 2014 and was carried out by Kamfor Company Limited.

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