Sustainable Rural Livelihood

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This component aims to improve the incomes and living standards of the target group using interventions that are beneficial to the management of the natural resource base. This component outputs include;

  • Agricultural packages adapted to various agro-ecological and socio-economic contexts
  • CIGs successfuly adopt or improve farm and/or non-farm income generating activities (IGAs).

The above outputs are achieved through the following sub-components:

  • Adaptive research and demonstrations led by KARI -This includes On-farm trials and demonstrations, Soil fertility enhancement; and Seed multiplication and distribution. The Kenya Plant Health Inspection Services (KEPHIS) is responsible for regulatory oversight of seed multiplication and distribution while relevant government departments and service-providers are collaborators
  • Adoption of IGAs through CIG’s- This is implemented by providing matching grants (30% by CIG and 70% by beneficiaries). The FFS extension approach have been used mainly to ensure the success of the IGA’s over and above the other methods of demonstration plots, study tours and farmer-to-farmer training.


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