UTaNRMP's 4th Call For Proposals From Community Groups- September 2017

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UTaNRMP is implemented through a Community Driven Development Approach (CDD). The project provides Matching Grants to Common Interest Groups (CIGs) through the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) to support them implement Income Generating Activities (IGAs) upon submission of acceptable proposals. The Grants will be output-based with release of funds being made in tranches upon the achievement of milestones specified in the grant implementation agreement between the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) and the CIGs.

The CIGs will receive an initial advance of the grant amount, and will subsequently lodge requests for further disbursement as each milestone is reached and the milestone report is submitted. The PCU will engage the services of an Independent Oversight Agent (a private service provider) to appraise proposals (both desk and field) and carry out monitoring to verify the milestone achievements before further financial releases are made. This milestone-based disbursement system is intended to strengthen accountability and transparency and ensure accomplishment of agreed implementation targets.

The project activities funded under this approach must be income generating in nature and with positive impacts to the environment. The project proposals may include the following sectors among others:

i. Agriculture/ horticulture and related enterprises

ii. Fisheries and related enterprises;

iii. Livestock production and related enterprises;

iv. Farm forestry and tree nursery development;

v. Value addition and Food processing;

vi. Energy saving technologies including renewable energy.

vii. Soil and water conservation and environmental hotspots rehabilitation.

 The deadline for submission of the duly signed proposal by County Project Coordinators (CPC) to Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) office-Embu is on the forty second (42nd ) day from the date of advertisement (19th September 2017).



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