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The Upper Tana Natural Resources Management project (UTaNRMP) has acquired 39 motor vehicles, 73 motor cycles and 7 tractors at a cost of KSHS.220,609,471/-. These assets are meant to assist the various project implementing ministries, departments and agencies in project implementation. Markedly, the motor cycles were to assist project implementing officers in carrying out extension work while the tractors would be utilized extensively in forest rehabilitation.  

The ceremony for commissioning the motor vehicles, motor cycles and tractors to county and sub county project implementing teams was held on the 10th of July 2015 at Kangaru girls high school in Embu. The chief guest of honour  representing the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and natural resources was Mr. James Ntabo, Deputy secretary-Water and Irrigation assisted by Her Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Embu county, Ms. Dorothy Nditi. Other guests included the project’s  steering committee, regional commissioners, county commissioners, county executive committee members, chief officers and county directors of departments drawn from the project area.

In his speech, the chief guest challenged government officers and the local communities around the Upper Tana catchment region to rededicate their efforts in devising innovative and timely solutions to the challenges revolving around sustainable utilization of natural resources in the upper Tana catchment region. He called upon those who were entrusted with the assets to ensure that they were well taken care of and optimally utilized to serve mwanainchi.

In her speech, the deputy governor-Embu County appreciated the role that the Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project, with funding from the Government of Kenya, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and  the Spanish Trust Fund were playing in making Embu county a better place to live in. The deputy governor reiterated that the county government was working hand in hand with the national government to ensure service delivery to the citizens.